Friday, August 20, 2010

happy happy Paulene! ><,

Just like fine wine, you grow better with the years.

Recalled this line during one of the birthday messages I heard. I felt it was too 'hallmarky' so perked it up and changed it a little for my home girl. 

Met 'couz' Pau when I was still working for eTele**** about 2 years ago. We were on the same wave, team, program, and have been the favorite employees for transfers to different LOBs. Up to this date, We work together for Lex**** but of different departments. She was, I should say, the happiest person I met and gladly became close friends with. Found out we share a  common middle-last name (Cinco) and that sparked our immediate connection. I'd like to think we are true blood relatives. Ü Had our share of friendship ups and downs. As I look back, my heart warms at the thought that we were destined to meet and become close friends. Made a birthday video for her to remind her always that when she needs a friend, she can lean on me. (ayeee..kaigat!)

To the most autistic, loudest, perkiest, deepest, most emotional, ever-so-loyal, most free-spirited and most alone (translation: pinaka-nag-iisang. amf) goddess ever to bestow earth,

Happy Birthday Pauline Mae Cinco Aloyon!

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