Thursday, August 19, 2010

Entry # 1

I got inspired by my couz/friend who started blogging again after doing a vacay off of blogging. I know a lot of people blog but I don't know why. Different reasons for different demons I should say. Blogging, for them, seems to have become a medium of self-expression. I don't have a problem with expressing myself but reading through theirs aroused the long slumbered dream about being a famous sex guru columnist, (amf) I mean, a travel mag columnist. Kidding aside, it does feel good when you're able to read your thoughts anytime. It feels so surreal. Anyway, that'll be another blog. Guess it's back to stirring the cages of supernatural thoughts again. In this site, pictures about places I have been to and wanted to be, so as people I've bumped into, day-to-day experiences, songs, thoughts and all that mumbo jumbo that got me, will be featured here.

I reserve all the rights to all the posts and contents on this blog unless otherwise stated. This blog contains experiences, views, thoughts and memories of yours truly. This personal space is dedicated solely for anything that runs around my head. This is a personal expression of my side of the story, my point of view of an event and my emotional joy ride on a situation. If I ever said something that offended you, let me know so as to dissect and examine my post. But do keep in mind that we may have the same set of biomolecular composition, our brains may work differently. Respect and consideration for our differences is what I ask. But I do welcome criticisms and feedback. Ü To those who'll accidentally stumble on this page, feel free to drop a word or two. That should help me do a temp check about my thoughts.

 “Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow...” ~Lawrence Clark Powell

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