Friday, November 19, 2010

Gals in Royal Vista Resort

Royal Vista Resort (formerly Imelda something Resort)
Catmon Cebu

I was just an extra baggage for this trip since this was a get together of Riz's barkada way back junior year in USP Lahug. They called their group 'GALS'. Don't particularly know why but they're composed of loud and positive spirited girls. I'm not a part of it but feel a tight bond with them.
These girls proved my philosophy about friendship - you don't need to go out always or see each other most of the time to keep the friendship alive. I always have fun when I'm around them. Laughtrip and silly jokes are always a part of our conversations. I never feel awkward when I'm around them as they have this way of making you feel like family. Ü
Though time may not permit them to see each other on a regular basis, they still remain as cool and accommodating. Riz never feels detached or left out. That's why I like these girls because I can see how genuine they are and how happy Riz is when they're together.

To gals, long live and cheers! Sunod na sad. Ü

Me and Riz
Ella - has contagious laughter and a-loose-screw kind of attitude
Jel - has the 'ate' image and brings the group together
Mai2x - the flavor of the road that never runs our of laughtrip treats
Gegen - ms teacher and the talker (slash) listener
Cindy - the paranoid momi. :D
Don Ramon (jel's special someone)
Cindy's 2 kids

Day 1
Aftershift assembly in North Bus. Rode a mini-bus to catmon.
Loud music on the bus. Was not able to concentrate on the movie in Riz's itouch
Gals warming up their mouth for updates 
Jel's threat and plea to avoid talking about who Don Ramon is.
Naturally, we did not listen and went ahead to joke about them. Ü
Around 3PM, arrive in Royal Vista. Quick tour.
Moments after, Cindy's little boy's head incident.
Rushed to the hospital but nothing serious.
Barbeque. Grilled like those larsian boys.
Dinner. Tequila. Night Swimming.
Truth or truth. no consequences.
Got bruises from a buwis-buhay slide.
failed attempts for an underwatershot.
Don Ramon and Te jel now officially an item.
Laughtrip. Lemon+tequila.

Day 2
Breakfast = food last night + noodles. Ü
short videoke session. no more tagay.
another failed attempts for an underwatershot.
Tried to get a tan but *wenk* failed
Helped riz practice swimming
encouraged Riz to go for the slide. She went ahead but failed.
Happy she had the courage to thread a 6-7 ft pool.
Missed Pacquers fight but assumed he'll win. He did.
Departure around 12 or 1. Got stuck in NBT due to heavy downpour.


Special thanks to Jel ug Ela sa imong gipahuwam namu aron makakuog mi. XD

Monday, November 15, 2010

entry for the sake of having an entry

so many things to blog about... just looking for that juice and drive.
where do I begin...