Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Color Team in Intosan

Intosan Waterpark Resort
Danao City

With the budget shouldered by the company, our main concern was how to spend the money. The best way we could think about is to spend it in activities involving fun, food and booze. The team decided to have a team building/family day in Intosan. Good thing we decided to hold the team building in Intosan because it's only a few steps away from Pakay's BF's house. It was his birthday. Riz, Aqui and I were invited that night. Anyway, here are a few pictures and fast forward tags of what happened.
Night swimming.
Lechon. Uber food. Pakay's BF's house.
10PM walked over to Intosan to meet Color Team.
tong-its, card game - Cyrus vs Calvin vs Balor vs Beast.
Gin+Ice Tea. 1st mix of the night.
Cyrus: 'I'm Rich, I'm drunk and I'm horny.'
Semi-drunk playing tong-its.
Welcomed Sept 26 with alcohol.
Absolut Vodka+Sprite. 2nd mix of the night.
Cyrus all read eyes, skin and drunk.
Tequila+Calamansi. 3rd mix of the night.
June, Simba and Nieco's heart to heart talk.
Brutally frank talk about love, life and individuality.
4am. called it a day. Went back to Pakay's BF's house to sleep with Riz and Aqui.
10am. Woke up and brought Riz and Aqui to Intosan.
Lechon. Food. Food. Food.
Swimming. Enjoyed waterpark with Aqui.
Lame color adventure race since people's lazy switch turned on again.
Still had a bit of fun thanks to very respectful team mates.
Respectful in the sense that they gave in to the challenge of the game 
because of my efforts in organizing it.
Disappointed but totally expected the outcome.
Charades. Boys VS Girls.
Tequila mix. Didn't drink since Aqui is around.
Drunk team mate.
Ended the day with running noise and no tan. 

It would have been fun if they cooperated and participated in all the games I prepared.
Researched and prepared the set in order to encourage group dynamics.
Dang these lazy team mates! Oh, well.
It was still fun for Aqui so I'm satisfied.
Even if I did not get my tan. amf.

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