Monday, September 6, 2010

Celebrating Rhyzze's birthday (Simala-Argao)

September 01, 2010. 23 years since the Rhyzze announced her existence with an astounding cry of happiness; since first sight of the world, since the first time she was out from her mom's womb.  September 01, 2010 is such a special day to her. I wouldn't pass the chance celebrating it with such a special person in my life. The original plan was just to go out to dinner and have time by ourselves. But adventurous as we are, we decided to go with AiAi and Nestley to Simala to visit the miraculous Mother Mary on the church.  So right after shift, she waited for me outside the office and off we went to South Bus Terminal to meet with AiAi and Nestley. She doesn't have any idea that we cooked out a small surprise for her. 
Red and purple balloons. 1-2 hrs bus ride to Sibonga, another 15 mins to Simala Church. Majestic and very European church architecture. Breath-taking scene. 'Holistic' feel in the air. Scourging hot sun. Colored candles with specific meaning. (Bought Gold for health, Rhyzze got Blue for future endeavors). Uber mind-blowing confessions and testimonials of people who got what they wanted or prayed for after visiting the church. Clear-glass cabinets flooded with proofs of how miracles where indeed true because of faith. Vast accounts of people whose got healed, prayers answered. awed by Virgin Mary's Statue. Felt her presence. Was astonished by how things happen with deep and undying faith to God. Bid her goodbye with big smiles and renowned faith. Rode a tricy-cab to Mahayahay Beach in Argao to have lunch. Special thanks to Aiai and Nestley for lunch. Ü Pumped Rhyzze's birthday celebration with surprise cupcakes with candles. Munched on Nestley's adobo, Aiai's rice, Choks to go's lechon manok, selecta's ice cream, coke and Krispy Kreme's doughnuts. Had so much fun celebrating it with really special people. Planned the next trip but reminded self not to inform Nestley way ahead of time. Apparently, she's the biggest jinx to out of town trips. nyaha! ><,

(L-R) Aiai, Nestley, Rhyzze and me

Happy Birthday MomiBhi!
Until our next adventure. 
I love you so much.

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