Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Summary Post 5: Books over toys

I was always fascinated with books. As a kid, I have pictured myself writing my own when I grow up. I always enjoyed drowning in the pages and pulling out creative energy out of my wits to bring characters into life (at least in my head).

While other kids enjoy playing in the rain and running their hearts out, I took pleasure in the comfort of our couch with a book in hand. You see, Emyat (mudra grande) didn't allow me to go out and mingle with the other kids. As to the reason why, that I don't know. That explains why I never knew how to play ball or any physical team sport for that matter. I have to sneak out and tag along with my cousins but I felt out of place most of the time so eventually, I head back home and  play with my imaginary friends.

Over time, I gained enough courage to break the rules. With that, I slowly walked out of the bookworm I once was and became the rebel. Don't get me wrong, I still read once in a while but I guess the intensity was not there anymore.

I never bought a book in my life. Some of once I had were either bought by Emyat, stolen or borrowed. I have gotten used to those 3 options that buying my own seems stupid. It feels wrong and wasteful. So I never ever did get my own.

It was just this year that I reconnected with the kid inside. It felt good to get in touch with something familiar..something distant but now within reach. The weird part was that the books that tickle me were the exact same books I dreaded when I was young. Dreaded, not because of the content (because I never even bother turning up any page) but because it feels so cheesy and baduy. 

I admit. I do not like books written using our own language. Discriminating, yes. But I never thought that writers from own roots can contest with the famous foreign writers. I never thought I'd enjoy this much but I did. Big time. 

So I went for it. Bought my own. I wasn't too happy about the content though. It was shallow but this is not a book review. This is my personal note to myself that sometimes, authors just have varied way of 'attacking' topics.

I admire the way these people - writers and journalists. I salute them for constantly bursting colorful energy into the universe. 


Ngayon na gets ko na kung bakit hindi ko natapos ang entry'ng to. Again, sobrang nakakapagod. eheheh.. Engligh kung english ano?

Anyway, as of this writing, may tinatapos pa akong libro. Mga 50 years na din to. eheheh..

Punto ko? Wala. :)


  1. ikaw na umiinglish! nose bleeds!

    yung kay tado so-so lang.

    siguro kasi minsan mas gusto ko na may story.

  2. wahahha.. adik ka.

    i agree, d ko nagustuhan. shallow at maraming typo. tsk tsk.

  3. I was like your friends too when I was young... Waaah grabeh ang galing mo.

  4. thank you Belle for taking time to read this shit. eheheh galing talaga? naks naman.