Monday, May 23, 2011

new beginnings

..andaming nagyari last week at nung weekend. Pasenya at di ako nakabisita sa mga bahay nyo. medyo naging hectic ang schedule dahil sa kali-kaliwang bookings. amp. medyo na-hurt me nung nakita kong andami nang update ng mga paborit blogs ko. kilangan ko pang mag overtime sa pagbabasa sa mga shenanigans ng mga pepol. XD kaya hetow na ang isang birada ng mga collated post tungkol sa mga things that happened this week..


1st Pictures from Canon Jellypish

aqui, the camwhore, with 'lightning mcCoy'

..a camera is not a necessity however if you want to capture the memories that took your breath away, you definitely want to get one. **umiinglis ha. amp** it was such a relief when canon sent me the replacement. read more here. I feel whole again. chos! can't help but feel secure knowing that I can always trap great moments. a single photo of an event or person can go a looong way especially when the wrinkles start to show. memories do get lost in the abyss so a reminder of those magic moments assures us that we can always relive those light/hard experiences anytime we want. hoh! 
cheers to JELLYPISH for the snaps!


Ela plus 1
Happy BEER-day Ela.

eating is just not my thing.
A friend, a good one at that, does not need you to be with them 24/7. It's enough that you share a bond, a special understanding that remains strong no matter the distance. Ü


ACES-Mandaue turns 9

Association of Cebu Eagle Scouts - Mandaue 9th stroke
We go a long way. Started as frail-looking high school kids out for an adventure. An adventure we never thought we'd be able to get out. We've been to the worst and best experiences Scouting has to offer. Learned lessons the hard way but walked out strong and determined to succeed. We might not agree on the same principles all the time but the diversity of our views push us to heights even wise people dare not go. Being an Eagle Scout, a Boy Scout, is not determined by how you look  but how he lives and sees things. A scout remains a scout as long he nurtures that fire in his heart. This flock might be in a dormant phase now but the thirst for adventure and service will slowly propel it back on track. We prepare and strengthen for the days when the Eagle Scouts fly high and proud, eyes into the horizon..into the sun. Fly high, soar higher. Eagle Scouts lead the way. **huuuuwak!** 


umiinglis tayo ngayon. nakapag imbok over the past few weeks. eheheh

I realized that the event becomes memorable when you have great people to share it with. Cliche but true.


  1. good friends + great food = Happiness
    bonus na ang photos after to remember the bonding moments..

    nagutom ako.. ;)

  2. paranmg enjoy ah! hehe. nice nice!

  3. enjoy nga pre. ho! andaming nangyari.

  4. wow, andaming happenings at madaming english. daming naipon na words. wahoihihih.

    masaya pag may pics s mga kaganapan para masarap din magreminis

  5. Naku, dumugo na ilong ko ng sobra sobra! grabe na to. Kanina pa tumatagas1 hahaha..

    anyway, blog is nice.!

  6. ehehehe.. cheers! ako din, medyo nagka-hemorrhage sa kaka-englis. ehehee