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~ Cebu and more.

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ito epekto ng kabagotan dito sa opisina. isang article na na-publish sa company newsletter namin. ^___^ panpaakit ng mga puti, itim, dilaw, kayumanggi, pula, berde at kung ano ano pang kulay na nagtatrabaho sa loob at labas ng bansa. ehehe..  

Backpacker’s Holiday: Around Cebu with Only a Thousand Pesos
by Niecospeaks

Cebu is an island that offers countless spots to visit with friends, family or with that special someone. Cebu boasts of a variety of activities people itching for a time-off can choose from. You can either feast over gastronomical treats, party the night away, josh over any thrilling adventure or mush over romantic sunsets. Say it and Cebu, yes, you guess what I would say, has it.

A backpacker can get high on these go-go’s with a few pesos to spare. Let me lay down the cards for you. To jumpstart our trip around Cebu, we start off with the basic. A Cebuano way of celebrating would start of by paying homage to our patron-–Sr. Sto. Niño. Hop a ride from any jeepney leading to the downtown, and you’d find your way through the buzzing ambiance of Cebu. Have your intentions heard by having it prayed through ‘sinug’ or ‘sinulog’. Here’s a tip: get inside the church, kneel, and close your eyes. Feel the sanctity of the atmosphere envelope you. Cebuanos are naturally religious so you’d find a lot of them visiting Sto. Niño on regular days or special occasions.

party like a rock, rock rock..
Destination 1: Vibrant Night Life
Even if you only have Php1,000 in your pocket, it doesn’t mean that you can party less. Cebu has an overflowing number of party places. Mango Avenue has tons of bars lined up for those itching to bust that move. Rev up for loud music, colorful lights and all those crazy party additives on bars with entrance fees ranging from Php100-150 consumable on food and drinks. If you’re not the dancer, go ahead and sing your heart out over a mishmash of videoke bars. Belt out in private videoke rooms for only Php100-150 per hour. Food and drinks on the same bars range from Php100-200. On some nights, concerts are all over the metro assuring those head bangers one great night of their favorite music. But if loud music isn’t your cup of tea, hang out in Lahug area or any local acoustic and chill-out bars with food and drinks still ranging from Php100-200. At the end of the night, you still have some dough left for coffee. Enjoy a warm cup in any coffee shop in IT Park or any coffee shop scattered in almost all parts of Metro Cebu. 

Destination 2: Gut-busting adventure
adrenaline rush rush rush..
If what you seek is adrenaline-pumping action,Cebu offers different activities depending on the ‘genre’ you crave for. For only Php800, you can choose to skywalk on the highest floor in a hotel situated downtown, or ride the edge coaster that’s sure to blow the butterflies out of your tummies. Another option is to ride a zipline in Balamban. It’s a 45-minute right from JY to the location. The ride on the way to the location itself is enough to awe you, what with the winding road up to the mountains and trees everywhere. If you’re a nature person, you can trek and camp out in Cebu’s highest peak. You need to travel about 2 hours through bus to the southern part of Cebu and hike for about an hour before you can enjoy Osmeña peak. Feast over the cool air flow from the highest peaks, and be assured to catch that bliss by experiencing the wonderful sunrise and sunset.

Destination 3: Divine Gastronomical Experience
high blood factory
Whether you’re dressed up for fine dining or craving for exotic cuisine, Cebu has the kitchen just for you. Cebu holds its head high when it comes to food. A must-try is lechon, which is basically roasted pig. Match lechon with hanging rice, or locally known as puso, and I’m sure you’ll be in food heaven. Grab a plate and enjoy different Oriental, Western or Fusion dishes from different specialty restaurants around the city. Specialty delis are everywhere depending on what you crave for. But if you are up for Filipino-Cebuano vittles, rest assured you can stretch that tight budget really well. Situated near the Fuente Circle, the Cebu Larsian, which is unique to the province, offers a variety of grilled dishes. The Mactan island, which is a good 20 minutes away from the city proper, boasts of their ‘SuTuKils’. SuTuKils are restaurants that offer seafood prepared in different ways-–grilled (Sugba), souped (Tula), or raw (Kilaw). Fresh seafood is abundant and inexpensive in Cebu. A tight budget is not an issue when you talk about food. You just have to know where to go to.

Destination 4: Sun. Sea. Sand.
Cebu is known for its long stretch of coastal bliss. From north to south, be awed by breathtaking sunset and sunrise over the relaxing wave of the ocean. Take a 2-hour boat ride (plus a 3-hour land trip either by bus or Vhire) to either Camotes Island, Malapascua or Bantayan Island for Php400, and you’ll find yourself enjoying powder-like sand on your feet. If boat rides aren’t for you, be sun-kissed in the beaches of San Remegio, Moalboal, Alcoy, or Tabuelan by taking the bus for about Php100. If you can’t take long travels, take a 20-30 minute travel to Mactan. The island has beaches and resorts for you depending on the budget you’re willing to shell out. And when it’s time for the sun to rest, make sure to grab that special someone and cuddle while watching that romantic sunset. Enjoy the lover’s moon on the island paradise and slow dance under the relaxing tune of the beach. Have fun under the sun snorkeling, kayaking, island hopping, or just chilling under the moon. 

camotes. bantayan. malapascua. tabogon. moalboal. san remegio. tabuelan.
These activities are of course more appropriate for those who are not from Cebu as this is your chance to get acquainted with the city you’re living in. But locals, of course, are also encouraged to try out these spots as new establishments are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere, you don’t want to miss the new ones.

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