Tuesday, September 13, 2011

on Riz's Burp-day..

Funny how time flies so fast sometimes that we don't even notice the gravity of each event. One day you meet this awesome girl who turned everything tupsy-turvy, the next you're out with her on your 4th date, eye-to-eye, basking in the endless feeling of ecstacy. It's so incredible that the sad part is we only realize it when it has gone by. That is why it's so important to treat each day as a blessing, a gift of existence, and celebrate life no matter how chaotic the world is getting. 

At this point, I suppose it's better for you to skip read. I don't expect anyone to continue reading full blown entries about fidgety, high-strung experiences. :)

Each celebration is neither dependent on how you much you've spent for the gifts nor how many guests there are. It's mainly about seizing the chance to be in this zone of euphoria, in the state of gratitude for another day to loiter around earth. The best way is to spend it with people who matters, who you truly enjoy the company of. What better way to celebrate the day you got shoved out into the world than with friends, family and simple pleasures.

September 1 is one of the most noted dates for me, as it's the day that my stars finally get into alignment with another to wait for the biggest mystery in the universe; the day my General Riz ruptured her Mudra's V******* and sang that aweful baby-cry hello to the world. :)

I decided to beat the drum through simple things we enjoy doing - strolling, window-shopping, street food and ice cream. The day started with giving thanks to Daddy Jess in Basilica del Sto NiƱo, followed by strolling around downtown Cebu (Colon) for cheap buys and quick laughs over stupid things people do. >:B We were to end it with a quick visit by the grocery for icecream and chips but I thought it won't be complete without a small surprise. You see, I love creating surprises for her. (not the other way around) I love the way she reacts, how her noise crinkles the moment the surprise pops out and that 'oh-you-shouldn't-have-but-thanks-anyway look she gives with a sweet smile. So I commissioned just a few of her close friends - the bunch she always has fun with even with just a stick of fishball and a mouth-ful of stories. I couldn't stop feeling anxious. It is crucial that she does not detect that I'm planning something or else the whole surprise is off. But with all the nerves in me so undoubtedly shivering, I couldn't help but be excited at the fact that any moment now the surprise will unfold. And yes it did, boy was she ecstatic to see the girls. Pizza, cake and an umpteen amount of laughs didn't just made the surprise successful. It was the company. The fact that you spend special moments with 'SPECIAL' people.

Sooo Highschool. Group Name: GALZ :B
After the small get-together, it was evident that General was a happy camper. We went straight home, slept to recuperate from the shift that was and enjoyed 'The Adventures of Pureza Queen of the Riles' and ''Ang Babae sa Septic Tank', with Ice Cream. 

The next day off we go to Bantayan Island to get high on the sun, sand and sea. Spent her birthday with most special and important person in our lives - Aqui. Good thing was that Aqui got my addiction of the beach. The weather was uber unpredictable but it didn't stop us from flipping over the water.

bagong gising :B
lil beach bum
with the birthday girl...
with my beach babe.. XD

When we got back home, I couldn't help but wonder how General thought of the past 3 days we spent.

She said, 'This is what I always thought of spending my birthday. Simple and with people who matters most...' 

I love that about her. Low maintenance and easy to please. I always love arranging surprises for her. I just hope I don't get too predictable the next time I do it.

After 2 weeks, I finally finished this entry. Another whirlwind of changes have shook my stay in the office. I'm back to taking in calls so I'm afraid I won't be able to visit nor blog that much often.

I don't know if my entries matter to you but writing keeps my brain working. Being a corporate slave is a boring job. Monotonous. Blah. However, I'm at peace at the fact that there are still some perks working here. 

UPDATE: I'm beginning to feel the itch again. Thank Daddy Jess for a new hobby. Blog about it soon. Nieco Out..

...Thank you for calling L*****k Tech Support. This is Nieco. Can I have your Service Request # please......

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